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Marking Paper Pattern Using Different System:
sample room for paper pattern.jpg
Our company has the most advanced Gerber CAD system which can fit different requests made by customers. Through research and modification the styles can be carefully fitted and designed to arrange the collection and production. Patterns are perfectly combined using both the CAD system and handmade designs to fulfill the requests of the customers.   

Cutting Department:
The use of CAD marking system greatly reduces the waste of fabrics. Taking advantage of the CAD's meticulous preservation of collection consumption data plays a very important role in saving on the cost and time of bulk production. 

Production Working Groups:
Production Department.jpg
In the factory area there are five sewing lines with the average out-put of 15,000 pcs/month. Nearly half of the employees are the skilled tailors who work on BROTHER and JUKI machines. They are supervised by a senior management staff who studied abroad to oversee the whole production process. For quality control purposes, there is a specialized technician on hand to work closely with the technical department in solving various sewing problems in a timely manner to produce perfect results. 

Finishing/Packing Department:
Finishing Packing.jpg
Each product will be strictly inspected for quality, including trimming stray threads, cleaning chalk lines, as well as examining the overall sewing and fitting of the styles. If any problems are found, it will be repaired by the responsible department and then be sent to the checking department for re-check. Before each shipment, there will be a random carton check in order to prevent any unqualified products from leaving the factory. 


In addition to the factory production department, there is an independent production sector made up of production assistants and technicians. These technicians provide each customer with tracking service throughout the production process, from the prototype to bulk production completion, and are available for timely communication with the foreign customers. Good cooperation with the customer's assigned technicians leads to successfully completing each task.